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Tuesday 22 April 2003

From Blogger to MT Pt 4

We're getting close now. The next chapter in this unfortunately sporadic series includes setting up the weblog directory, altering permissions and running MT's own check program. After completing this, you should be ready make a test post.

Step 8: Setting up the weblog directory.

You need to decide where the weblog itself (as distinct from MT which is simply the blogging software) is going to reside on your server. This will be the "end" bit of the web address for your blog.
For example: This weblog was set up on a /blog/ sub-directory from the public HTML directory. Making the address for this page http://www.arseburgers.co.uk/blog/. I did this because I may at a later date expand the site beyond this blog. If your site is going to be your blog and nothing more then you should use your public HTML directory so that the address is simply http://www.mysite.com/.
You should also decide whether you want to store the archives in a separate directory. If so, create this. Itís probably best to create this as a sub-directory off the one containing your blog.

Step 9: Setting permissions.

Find the .cgi files you have just uploaded. You will need to set the permissions for these files using your FTP program. FTP programs show these permissions in different ways but mot will either have a tick box method or a numerical method.
The permissions you will need to set are
Owner: Read, Write and Execute
Group: Read and Execute
Other: Read and Execute.
In a graphic display simply tick or complete the boxes for those options. With a numerical interface set the permissions to 755 (don't ask... I don't know how that translates, it just does).

You will also need to set the permissions for the directories you set up for your blog and archives. These will need to be set to 777 or
Owner: Read, Write and Execute
Group: Read, Write and Execute
Other: Read, Write and Execute.

Excited yet? Just a couple of steps......

Step 10: mt-check.cgi

If you installed MT to your cgi-bin, type in the address http://www.yoursite.com/cgi-bin/mt-check.cgi.
If you installed MT to an /mt/ directory then type in http://www.yoursite.com/mt/mt-check.cgi.

You should get run down of the various cgi modules installed on your server. If you've installed the whole library as I suggested above, you should find that the only elements missing are ones not related to MySQL and Image::Magick which is not required anyway.

Step 11: mt-load.cgi

Run mt-load.cgi in the same way you ran mt-check.cgi. This sets up the MySQL database ready for your weblog.

Step 12: Delete mt-load.cgi

As it says, really. Fire up your FTP client and delete mt-load.cgi from your server.

Step 13: Cross your fingers.....

There wasn't going to be a step 13. Unlucky and all that, especially as it's the big one. So as an extra step, cross your fingers or offer a sacrifice to the deity of your choice.

Step 14: Run MT

http://www.yoursite.com/cgi-bin/mt.cgi; or

And bingo! Your blogging software is up and running.
Next up; importing from Blogger and creating templates.

April 22, 2003 10:43 PM | Weblogging

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