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Monday 5 May 2003

Long Weekend

Make that a looooong weekend.

(Warning: Boring personal shite ahead).......

Friday night Sharon and I had a night in together, something we haven’t done for ages. We sat, watched telly, drank beer, chatted, drank wine, chatted, watched more telly, fooled around and drank more beer. Somehow 4:00am managed to creep up on us completely without warning. 3 hours sleep.

Saturday night I did a disco. It was a favour for a member of staff at the Hotel where I do most of my discos so I was doing it cheap. Why is it always these gigs that turn out to be a real pain? It was an 18th birthday party chock full of underage drinkers who were so pissed it wasn't funny. I’ve never felt so much “the parent”. I spent half the night watching the 14 & 16 year old girls and thinking “Go home and put some bloody clothes on!” Got home at 3ish. 4 hours sleep.

Sunday morning we were up early for the 3 hour drive to London which was only improved by a blow-out at 75mph on the M1. The blow-out was dramatic enough, but changing the wheel at the side of the road as the lorries charged passed at 70mph was not fun.

We were all staying at Sharon's friends house for the night so I ended up sleeping (or rather, not sleeping) on the living room floor. 3 hours sleep (max).

So, in total, I've had about 10 hours sleep across 3 nights. I'm not cut out for this. I'm obviously getting old. Years ago I'd regularly go through a weekend with very little sleep. These days it really takes it out of me.

So I'm off to bed in the hope that I'll get enough sleep to function properly at work tomorrow.

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Mahesh said on November 27, 2003 1:40 PM:

Loved the post. Put a smile on my face.

I'm assuming this was spam, given that it's highly unlikely that the post would put a smile on anyone's face. But why?

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