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Monday 12 May 2003

Fueled by Testosterone

There has only ever been one TV programme about cars in general that was worth watching, BBC's Top Gear.

Several years ago it was unfortunately badly neutered by the complaints it attracted every-time it seemed to glamorise speed or advocate anything that wasn't wholly "eco-friendly". Jeremy Clarkson Left when he got fed up of the constant censoring.

Last year, after having cancelled the show, the BBC convinced Jeremy Clarkson to come back and front a new series. He agreed only on the proviso that they did away with the political correctness that had destroyed what was the archetypal "bloke" show. After a flattering first few episodes it flourished.

The new series started last night and it is still a breath of fresh sweaty, manly air in this world that is occasionally just a little too PC.

Don't get me wrong, I want fresher air, public transport, green fields and as many species of newt as possible. Sometime though I'm going to own a 200+ bhp 3 litre monster that will scare the sh*te out of old grannies.

May 12, 2003 10:11 PM | Entertainment


Hear, hear! Let's include good old politically uncorrect (blonde jokes) Mr Paxman of Newsnight fame. British men are under the cosh a lot these days.

Similarly, as much as I love seeing pretty little things (sorry, non-pc) modelling scrumptiously skimpy outfits in the national newspapers we rarely seem to get to find out what MEN's styles of clothing, health products... are out there to buy. Most of our national newspapers concentrate exclusively on women's fashion, health, leisure pursuits...

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