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Wednesday 14 May 2003

Die.... please.

Broadband has changed completely the way I use the internet. I don't game, I don't download huge amounts of freeware. I don't search out warez or download MP3s. The internet has slowly, casually become a part of my life.

robot.gifAs with any new technology, the dawn of broadband saw lots of wild claims, many of which have not come true. One was that you would be able to download and watch films. But, unless you're into 5 second snatches of ........ erm ...snatch or 10 second viral marketing jokes, then there's not really been that much about.

ROBOT BASTARD! is the first film I've found available for free download that has hinted that the claims may become true.

A superb 15 minute short film parodying action films and sci-fi with a adult, immature sense of humour. Perfect for late-20s who never grew up. At 45mb it's definately not one to download if you're still on dial up.

May 14, 2003 9:31 PM | Surfing for distraction


True, apart from the ...'erm' (well put!) there's little around. Maybe the occasional film trailer.

Though as a snooker fan, even an occasional ball and stick basher myself, the BBC does have some 5 famous clips including three 147s. I just thought it might be time I bored someone with that bit of anorak talk!


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