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Friday 6 June 2003

Adopting James Pt. 1

Pt. 1? Yep, it seems this may run & run.

Today we had a visit from a social worker in what appears to be the first step of many that will need to be taken so that we can adopt James.

James is Sharon's son from her previous relationship. His "Birth Father" left Sharon before they found out she was pregnant. I have been his Daddy since he was approximately 8 months old.

We decided long ago that I was going to adopt him. To do that "we" have to adopt him as a couple.

I thought this would be fairly straight forward. The Birth Father currently has little contact with James, it been over 12 months since he paid us a visit. We have checked with him and he has said he has no objections to us adopting James.

It turns out that we have to be vetted, pretty much like a couple adopting a child from state care.

The social worker will want to interview Sharon & I, together and seperately, Chloe, James (as far as you can interview a 7 year old), Sharon's parents, my parents and James' Birth Father.

We've been told that James will need to have an "age appropriate understanding" of the situation and that the court may decide a residency order may be more appropriate than an adoption order.

The whole thing can take up to 2 years to complete apparently

Suddenly we're not feeling so confident about the whole process.

June 6, 2003 5:03 PM | Family


Hang in there!

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