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Wednesday 18 June 2003

And sometimes I Love Google

After apparently being banned / removed from Google, I'm back to getting a fair few hits from it and other search engines. So, I haven't done this in a while but here's a quick list of some recent weird search results in my referrers list:

Google Search: tattoo scabbed over - Yeah, they do that. Funny huh?
Google Search: adult pacifiers - Surely normal ones will do? It's not like they're miniscule.
Yahoo! Search : Picture of a Royal Flush - It's 5 cards in a row. How hard can it be to recreate?
Google Search: topless snooker pictures - Now that's a niche market!
Yahoo! Search : pictures of wilma flintstone getting spanked - Woah! The word "deviant" is starting to enter my conciousness. And I'm the only result for this search.
Google Search: fit birds - Number 1! I'm Google's number one result for fit birds! Shame my wife is the only one here though.
Yahoo! Search Results for i've been here before - You'll know what to expect then.
Excite Search : marry a japanese woman - Try asking one. Might help if you romance her first.
Google Search: Swedish attitude on casual sex - Go ask a Swede. I hear they're very accommodating.

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ya, i got a hit the other day from someone searching on google for "dandy bird". that's pretty cool as i'm not even british, yaknow? the only problem with listing weird hits though, i find, is that then they'll start popping up more frequently and all. careful careful!

Yeah. I'm not too worried about the odd extra hit for "fit birds" etc.

When I was talking about the hundreds of extra hits I was getting for "p l a y b o y" I was careful not to aggravate it.

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