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Monday 30 June 2003


Sharon is has decided that she wishes to set up her own business. She would like to start doing Face Painting and Henna Tattooing for children's [edit: and adult's] parties.

Whilst you can buy Henna Paste kits from a large number of places, they all come with stencils giving you a very limited number of designs. Sharon instead wants to work from "Flash" art, a large selection of different designs in a folder.

The difficulty is transferring those designs onto the customer. Whilst having my tattoo recently, I asked the tattooist what they use. He suggested hectographic pencils.

Could we find anywhere in the UK that sold them? Could we buggery!

So I got in tough with the very nice people at www.hennaworks.com in the US who have agreed to ship us a couple of pencils at the same cost as US shipping.

Nice work fellas!

PS. If you've found this entry looking for "HENNA TATTOO ARTISTES" or "FACE PAINTING" in the UK then take a quick leap over to our entertainment agency and give us a bell. Job's a good 'un.

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i highly suggest her working on free-hand skills. i've been doing mehndi work for years and really only do free-hand. there are many books available showing basic and commonly found patterns for mehndi. what's fun to do is practice on your own hand (my left hand has had many a design, as i'm right-handed!) and take pictures of ones you like, then put the pics in a little mini-photo album for display purposes. then people could choose one of those designs or use them for inspiration--same concept as flash art. let her know that she can email me if she has any more questions!

I'll pass that information on to her. Thank you.

I think she wants to work from flash art because tribal, celtic and japanese character designs are very popular right now. She'll be using black henna which will give the effect of a temporary tattoo rather than traditional indian henna work.

These are currently very popular for large functions like Army Balls, Village Fete's etcetera.

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