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Tuesday 1 July 2003

Classic TV Moment

Last night the UK TV programme V Graham Norton had a TV moment reminiscent of some urban legends.

Graham sent a member of the audience out into London wearing a white shirt. Her task was, without telling people it was for a TV show, to get people to write short comments on the shirt about their first impressions of her.

She returned to the studio covered in comments such as "Nice Fun Bags", "Blow Job Lips" and "Bombay Wet Dream". On her back was written the comment "Nice Tits. Fancy a shag. Ring Dave on XXXX XXX XXXX".

Graham couldn't resist and dialled the number written. The conversation that followed went something like:

Woman: Hello. Dave's phone.
Graham: Is Dave there?
Woman: He's at the bar. Who's this?
Graham: My name's Graham. Who are you?
Woman: I'm Shirley, Dave's wife. (Audience dissolve in laughter)
Woman: Hold on, Dave's returning.
(Some talking off phone)
Dave: Hello. Who's that?
Graham: Hello. It's Graham Norton.
Dave: Fuck Off! (Not a good idea to swear at Graham when he's holding a secret on you).
Dave: Is this a wind up?
Graham: No. This is Graham Norton and you are sooo busted!
Dave: What?
Graham: Watch the show at 10:30. You'll find it very interesting.

It probably doesn't sound it above, but it has to be one of the funniest TV moments I've seen for a long time.

Those in the states will be able to watch V Graham Norton on BBC America

July 1, 2003 9:24 AM | Entertainment

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