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Wednesday 16 July 2003

School Plays

The parents among you will know the torment of having to sit through 2 hours of mediocre, embarrassed performances from assorted children to see the excellent starring moment of your own future Broadway star.

It seems that talent as well as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Chloe graduated from first school today. Congratulations. You made an excellent Aunty Emm in the Wizard of Oz production.

July 16, 2003 10:51 PM | Family


Aaaargh! You just walked over my grave.

Only 2 hours! Obviously the lighting system didn't collapse into a black hole (the one that even Stephen Hawking doesn't understand), the Sugar Plum Fairy didn't get an attack of the prima donnas (refusing to appear until bottles of Albanian biodynamic non G.M. red cordial mineral water were brought to her dressing room) and the sound system didn't transform itself into a 15 megaton blinding blue flash which took out the power from a dozen surrounding suburbs all of which conspired to turn a couple of hour of teeth-grinding agony into a near life sentence with no prospect of early release.

To avoid repeats of such scarring experiences we had our daughter humanely put down. It really was for her own good.

does anybody know of a bay area school dj in northern california?

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