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Wednesday 23 July 2003

MT throws a hissy fit.

It appears that MT threw a hissy fit on the last index page rebuild.

I visited my main page about 10 minutes ago to find it consisted of an empty HTML doc. HTML, Header, Doc Type and Body tags but no content. None.

So I rebuilt it. It appeared from about half way down. No style, no side bars but half of the main content. Starting from half way through an entry.

So I rebuilt it. This time I got about 90% of the page, missing just half the right hand side bar and all of the left.

So I rebuilt it and finally got it all back. Any suggestions as to a cause?

July 23, 2003 10:39 PM | Site


I had the same happen to me. I'd been trying hard to produce a standards compliant page at http://www.freshnjuicy.co.uk/telefono/ and suddenly it all got truncated and written off. I was gutted. It never came back not even with rebuilding. So my latest effort on this page is way down on what it was. That said, I've carried on using MT to begin reconstructing my xhtml / css / rss ...etc compliant page. I think I can say I personally have had far fewer problems with MT than with say Blogger archives in olden days. What did you think of how Blogger handled archiving?

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