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Friday 1 August 2003

Signing Off for the Weekend

Well, as I have no power and no PC at home currently, I don't envisage posting much over the next few days.

Enjoy your weekend as I make coffee on the gas hob and wash in cold water. I'm DJing tomorrow night but Sharon and I may actually have to converse this evening as there is no TV. I'll let you know on Monday if it has an adverse affect on our relationship.

The latest from our power network (as at 3pm this evening and posted here because they don't archive or perma link their news flashes, bloody luddites) is:

3:00pm FRIDAY 1 August, 2003
Substation Fire - Burntwood, Staffordshire

16,000 customers are still without electricity supplies following the major incident at Burntwood substation in Staffordshire.

Aquila has launched its major incident support plan and deployed restoration teams into the area to bring customers back on supply as soon as possible. Over two-thirds (30,000) of customers originally affected by the powerloss have now had their electricity restored.

At this stage the company is progressively restoring supplies. Over 100 mobile generators will be connected to local low voltage substations over the next 48 hours as Aquila deploys over 200 engineering field personnel to the area. It is unlikely that all supplies will be restored before Sunday 3 August 2003.

One of the alternative circuits used to restore previously restored customers has also suffered an underground failure resulting in 5,000 customers temporarily losing their supplies.

Commenting on the incident Kenton Bradbury, managing director for Asset Management at Aquila, said:

"The scale and impact of this incident should not be underestimated. The Burntwood substation is one of our ten largest primary substations and its loss has a major impact on our network. We have teams deployed throughout the area working to connect mobile generators and we are continuing to switch supplies from alternate circuits where we can.

We apologise to all our customers, especially those still without supplies, as this is clearly a significant disruption for everyone."

- ENDS -

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Good luck!! I can't imagine surviving with two small children and no power!!

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