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Monday 4 August 2003

Money for nothing

I post this here for anyone who happens across this weblog searching for details about the Burntwood power cut. But it's also the only place I know I can put it where I won't lose it.

Aquila Networks comment:

1:00pm MONDAY 4 August, 2003
BURNTWOOD SUBSTATION FIRE - Payments to customers

Customers who suffered a loss of electricity supply due to the fire at the Burntwood substation last week may be eligible for a payment under the Guaranteed Standards of Service.

The Guaranteed Standard is a performance measure agreed by the electricity industry with OFGEM - the electricity regulatory body - which provides a specific cash payment to customers when any electricity distribution company fails to meet the standard.

Aquila customers who lost supplies for more than 18 hours will qualify for a £50 payment. An additional payment of £25 is made for each additional 12 hours that supplies have been off.

What about compensation for lost freezer food, loss of computer data or other financial losses.

The electricity industry does not pay customers for consequential or economic loss. This practice is consistent with the amount we receive as a proportion of a customer’s total bill for electricity. Such a trade off between risk and cost is a common feature of any commercial relationship. Any reallocation of this risk would need to be reflected in the amount that customers pay.

Aquila receives, on average, £50 per year for each customer connected to our distribution network under the ‘regulatory contract’ agreed with OFGEM,

We advise customers that they may wish to consider making a claim through their household insurers, as policies generally cover such things as the loss of frozen food.


Customers wishing to register a claim for a payment under our Guaranteed Standards of Service should write to:

The Network Customer Services Team, Aquila Networks, Toll End Road, Tipton
West Midlands, DY4 0HH

Or telephone: 08457 331 331
Or email: ncs@aquila-networks.co.uk

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