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Thursday 7 August 2003

Asta la vista blog!

I've been thinking, occasionally, about how one should finish blogging, if you decide you've had enough. Not that I'm about to jack in this fine upstanding site. But a few of my former blogroll links have moved on.

So when the comment trolls finally get too much for you, when you get tired of publishing to a select few or you get fed up of the poor ratings, what will you do?

Will you post the same Meme, or link the same series of cartoons, over and over again until finally losing interest, not bothering even to delete your site or make a goodbye.

Will you stop mid flow? No announcement. No wind down. Leaving regular readers to wonder whether you died a horrible painful death in a tragic washing machine accident.

Will you bow out gracefully announcing to the world the reasons for you leaving?

Will you leave your site up for posterity or will you delete all traces only to be unearthed through the archives of Google or Alltheweb?

Or maybe you'll just post unreadable rubbish until no one reads any more and no one notices.

August 7, 2003 2:36 PM | Weblogging


I think the way people walk away from their weblogs and fellow bloggers is no different from anything else in their lives. They'll always be loads of bloggers worth their salt and with the stamina to keep going. So, you're not thinking of eloping like our American cousins fron San Francisco, I hope. Personally, it's breakfast time for weepy little drawings of little girls waving white (yo surrender?) hankies!

I suggest taking out all the A-list bloggers one at a time in a senseless killing spree, and then committing suicide via live streaming video on your own blog. That's got to get you some hits. Maybe it's time to start taking my meds again?

I have to question your use of the word "senseless". To some, there's a lot of sense in such a killing spree. ;-)

I suggest we place a letter 's' in front of every letter 'h' we publish on our blogs and await our fate. So all 'big hitters' that we are await all the little 'hits' that come our way.

Oops! Forgot the ;)

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Thank you. I appreciate your comment.

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