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Thursday 21 August 2003

Its It's reached it's its end.

Both The Daily Telegraph and Radio 4's PM Programme today carried reports on the possible demise of the Apostrophe.

Supposedly that bastion and documenter of the English (UK English that is) language, The Oxford English Dictionary has completed research showing that general usage of the apostrophe has become so poor that it is in danger of becoming redundant.

Classic examples of poor usage include the so-called "Greengrocers' Apostrophe" incorrectly placed before the s on plurals, thus: Banana's.

I don't profess to be excellent at grammar, but the rules for the use of the apostrophe have always struck me as being relatively simple. To allow simple ignorance and failure to educate to dictate a change in grammar for something as simple and basic as this is surely wrong.

Why not pop over to the website of The Apostrophe Protection Society and show your support for the upkeep of the standards of our fine language.

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