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Friday 22 August 2003

Nothing's sacred on the net.

Cameron Diaz is apparently suing a photographer for whom she posed before her fame.

He offered to sell her the photographs instead of selling them to a newspaper. Blackmail or legitimate business deal?

Cameron's lawyers stepped in and before you could say "quick, get them scanned" the police had swooped and the pictures were locked up somewhere until the little legal wrangle is all sorted.

Except that you can find anything on the Internet.

Personally I think, if you pose semi-naked for photographs in return for money, you have to expect it to come back and bite you on the ass if you ever become famous.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the rather obvious "Not Safe For Work" warning but also that the site carries some "Extremely Not Safe For Work" adverts on the page.

August 22, 2003 10:08 PM | Stuff of Interest


Nice one, Aardvark! Though judging by all the fuss the lass made anyone would have thought the photos might have been of her in full bedded action taking on 3 blokes at once. A sort of more holes than a Swiss cheese session.

The Cameron Diaz pics are one thing but the rest of that site is sick. Can't recommend that site to anyone and that's my final word.

If she signed a release, I can't see how she has a legal leg to stand on, but maybe she hopes the photographer doesn't have the funds to pay the legal fees for a fair hearing.

There are other topless photos of her on the Internet too, so I don't know why she cares about these so much.

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