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Thursday 4 September 2003


At times like this I often turn to the Internet for inspiration (yes I realise the inherent sadness in that statement), something to lift the mood or interest. Unfortunately, there's not much going on here either.

The Benny Benassi - Satisfaction video is worth a watch, but that's probably just my boob fetish. Incidentally, James watched the White Stripes video (as linked here last week) on MTV this week and was fascinated by Kate Moss pole-dancing.

InstantCoffee FlashBuilder allows you to build a flash based website without any flash knowledge. You can build for free but must pay if you wish to download.

There's an interesting take on the group photo doing the rounds at the moment.

I might be using the UK Top 40 Chart Archive a bot now that I've found it.

Westvillage has a new index of pictures up (NSFW).

Finally, there's an online version of the excellent game airhockey.

Update: It's taken 6 attempts to get this entry typed in and published and I'm starting to get a little bored of it.

September 4, 2003 11:11 PM | Surfing for distraction


Excellent AirHockey site! In these days of high-tec computer games it's nice to occasionally go back to basics. With the AirHockey after two own goals, including one from the opponents half which billiard-style hit 3 walls on the way, I think I've got the hang of it.

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