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Friday 19 September 2003

Money makes the world go....

Once again, we're 6 days before pay day and we've run out of money.

3 months ago it didn't used to be like this. We were actually clearing our overdraft off. But for the last couple of months we've been spending more than I've been earning.

I don't understand where the increase has come from. However, as we've just signed on the dotted line for a mortgage that's going to increase our outgoings by 150 per month, it's something we need to rectify quickly.

Oh, yeah. And we're moving house at some point. We've accepted an offer on ours and had an offer accepted on the one we want to buy. Now the slow process of actually getting the sales through begins.

September 19, 2003 7:25 AM | Me


yay! moving! good luck with that!
not so yay on the whole money thing though. perhaps you have split personalities, and your other half is going out boozing all night unbeknownst to you? oh, wait, i know, it's your kid. you didn't know that one so little was capable of so much embezzlement, did you? ;)

Children are a total money sink whether they embezzle or not. The start of December saw us buying 2 new school uniforms for Chloe and James.

Connor goes through new clothes and other paraphernalia like nobody's business.

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