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Wednesday 8 October 2003

Bad Checksum!

I'm having problems with my computer. I have since I installed the new chip and motherboard a couple of months ago.

A couple of times a week, on boot up it gives a "Checksum Error" and resets the BIOS. I have to reset the time and date and other settings before starting up Windows.

I can't see what would be causing it. Surely any hardware error would cause the problem to happen every time I booted up, not just every couple of days.

October 8, 2003 7:45 PM | Me


evan (of evhead/blogger) had a similar sort of problems months ago.
something about a lithium cell? don't know if this helps...

Unfortunately, I don't think it's the lithium cell (that would be easy to fix). 1) it's a new board and cell. 2) that would cause constant problems with the bios not the intermittent problems I've got.

eh, i'm not a computer tech, i just play one in my head. ;D hope you get it fixed soon! that'd be so freakin annoying.

Mr Fish said on January 2, 2004 8:31 AM:

Yeah, that's exactly the problem I have! - it is random.
Another problem I have is that the power just cuts out sometimes when booting up, but never whilst its been running for a while.....

theaardvark said on January 5, 2004 9:38 AM:

The problem hasn't re-occurred since I changed my PC case and (probably more relevantly) power supply. I can only assume the the old power supply wasn't up to the job with the new processor etc.. that I had installed.

bryan said on February 15, 2004 7:49 PM:

I am getting this problem as well. It has been suggested this could be due to the use of surge protection. Do you have??

I don't have surge protection. It would appear that my old power supply was faulty or not powerful enough. Now I've changed it, it's going OK.

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