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Friday 24 October 2003

So, how sick are you?

I've been a little poorly.

Doting fathers everywhere will know the story. Your darling child picks up a bug. Mum keeps him/her off school, suddenly Mum is struck down. You take a little time of work to help her cope and suddenly you're the next victim.

The path of this particular sickness bug is like a study in contagion. I'm watching it pass slowly (or not so slowly) through everyone I know, even though I'm doing my best to keep it at bay by enacting a self-enforced quarantine. I felt well enough to return to work today (although the route in was planned to pass the maximum number of toilet stops). However, I stayed just long enough to deal with the urgent items that have cropped up in my 2 and a half days off and to pick up some work to do at home. My colleagues wouldn't thank me for sharing my recent experiences with them. It is amazing just how cruel the human body can be to its owner.

Incidentally, the title is the penultimate line to one of my favourite off-colour jokes.

October 24, 2003 11:14 PM | Me

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