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Monday 27 October 2003

Baby Gift Boxes

I have a new semi-project. that I'm working on.

A work colleague is starting up a new business venture. When her friends have had babies, she has put together gift boxes for the baby or new mum. Boxes containing practical items and luxury items.

Her friends have often asked her to put boxes together for them and now she wants to expand on that theme to make them to order. She wants to sell these gift boxes over the Internet and I offered to help her set up and run the site.

The site is www.babygiftboxes.co.uk.

It currently has a holding page she created using a free web page builder provided by the registration company. My first task is to replace that and to start seeding the replacement with keywords to improve her search engine ranking.

After that we will be working on a permenant site together with, if possible, a system for ordering and credit card payments.

October 27, 2003 9:18 PM | Computing


good for her! gift boxes go over *so* well in the states! if she can set up to do some international ordering, she'll definitely be in biz. is she just doing online retail? make her check into maybe doing consignment or wholesale. the payoffs are more immediate, and appreciated at the beginning (aka "in-debt time"). wish her luck from a u.s.a. small biz gal!

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