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Thursday 6 November 2003

Sucky sucky sucky

Yesterday, with the exception of actually getting to see V Graham Norton being recorded, pretty much sucked.

Sharon and I had a big argument in the morning which sucked.

We chose to make a diversion in the morning to meet up with someone, who wasn't where we were expecting him to be (not his fault to be honest) and we had to wait for ages. Which sucked.

We were late for all of our morning appointments and were subsequently late meeting up with Nick & Karl. Yep, that sucked.

Nick and Karl had appointments and then got stuck in traffic which meant we didn't leave theirs until half 4. Sucky.

We missed the next train by 30 seconds and ended up on the wrong train so didn't get to the tube station we wanted to be at. More sucky.

It took us 10 minutes to find and hail a cab. Sucksville.

If I'd been there by 5pm the researchers reckon I'd have almost certainly been on the programme. For those who watched it, I'd have been one of the people whose childhood photos were shown. One of them won a weekend for 2 to Paris. Instead we got there at 6pm and even our priority tickets had been given away. Fookin mahoosivly sucksville.

Luckily we were squeezed into the audience and got to see the show being recorded.

Then to cap the day off we didn't get home till 12.30 and a bout of insomnia left me staring at the ceiling until 4am.

So, all in all with one exception I wouldn't be wanting to repeat it.

November 6, 2003 9:31 PM | Me

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