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Monday 24 November 2003

Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex!

Instapundit.com and VodkaPundit have good posts about sex and peoples attitude toward it. This is something I've always found fascinating and I think, extremes aside, there's room for most views.

I've never had much time for the overly puritanical view point such as

Anybody who has several sexual partners in a year is committing spiritual suicide. He or she is ripping the veil from all that is private and delicate in oneself, and pulverizing it in an assembly line of selfish sensations.

I am aware that many people, especially women, can destroy themselves in a viscous circle of desperate, meaningless, confidence destroying sex. The kind that seem to act as the village bike but get little satisfaction from it. Others, however, can partake if 15 way orgies and find it a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Myself, I'd consider myself almost boringly average. I have a fascination for breasts. I can appreciate the beauty in most female forms but am not so aggressively hetero so as to be scared by an approach by a man in a gay bar (hey, I can't remember the last time I got approached by a woman). I got around a little in my teens and early 20s, but no more than most of my peers. I am now happily married and contentedly monogamous

But that's not for everyone and I wouldn't think to preach my views to others.

The overly puritanical may be running scared from their own personality traits. They may feel that don't have the control to partake in these things in moderation. The unhappily over-sexed need to find out what they're missing in life put it right. I don't believe it's my, or anyone else's, job to force this upon them. But we should help them out if they ask for it.

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