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Monday 24 November 2003

Confusing Comment Spam

I thought I understood the motivation for comment spam. But a couple have turned up on my site today that confuse me. The first is on an old post about Google. The commentor, Alan on 24 November, did leave a URL, which I have deleted, linking to http://www.d*a*t*i*n*g*p*e*a*r*l.com. That's not the weird bit, the weird bit is that he arrived at the site by doing a search of links to http://www.q*u*a*l*i*t*y*k*i*n*g*d*o*m.com. The previous comment, George on 29 August, had linked that site before I was even aware of comment spam. Why? Why would he look for sites with those links? I can only imagine it would be because he thinks those sites would be soft targets for spam.

The second confusing comment came just 4 hours earlier on this entry. Again I've edited out the URL that was linked but Mr "life term insurance" (nice name) had linked to www.l*i*f*e-i*n*s*u*r*a*n*c*e-a*d*v*i*s*o*r.com. But if you visit this URL it redirects to a Google search for "life insurance". Why bother? Why create links to a site that is no more than a redirect? I always thought comment spam was about Google rankings. But you can't get a rank for a site that doesn't exist.

Perhaps one of these guys would sometime like to stop and explain to the rest of us what they're trying to achieve.

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