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Friday 28 November 2003

Speed Cameras are for making money....

After my post on Wednesday I did a little more reading on Speed Cameras. Just today there's an article on Ananova about a survey showing that people believe speed cameras to be more about raising money than about safety. Over a year ago the BBC reported that speed cameras appeared to be being sited on "low risk roads".

The fact is that the Government have introduced artificial targets for the number of people to be cuaght by these cameras year on year and increased them each year. Lets face it, if they are able to catch more people each year, then they're clearly not doing the job the Government expect them to. If they were working, the number of people caught would reduce each year.

More and more people are taking their own action against speed cameras and a number of websites have been set up to protest the current strategy. Many warn about speed camera locations too.

Association of British Drivers
The Speed Trap Bible
Speed Cameras from UK Speed Cameras .co.uk

November 28, 2003 1:13 PM | Driving

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