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Monday 8 December 2003

The Wonder Stuff

Sharon and I went to see The Wonder Stuff at The NIA last night.

The Wonder Stuff were one of the bands of my youth. From about 17 to 20 I bought just about everything they did and knew the words of every song off by heart. Together with Pop will Eat Itself they accoutned for about a third of my record buying (except for tracks for the disco).

Last night's concert was superb. The band were increcible and really seemed to be enjoying themselves. An excellent evening was only topped when former lead singer of Pop will Eat Itself joind the Stuffies on stage during the encore for a version of the PWEI's "Inside You".

Sharon and I were stood right at the front, just at the right hand side of the stage, almost directly in front of the speakers. Even now, some 20 hours later, my hearing is still a little screwed. Sharon's only 4ft 10 so we stood right at the barrier and I stood behind her with my arms holding the barrier either side of her to protect her. We were right at the edge of the "mosh pit" so, although Sharon escaped unscathed, I'm feeling a little battered and bruised. I'd forgotten just how rough it can get down the front and how some people turn into complete imbeciles at gigs.

The pay off for the battering was the best position I've had at a gig ever. Just meters from the band with Miles Hunt singing right in front of us several times. The songs were superb and the band was so tight you'd never imagine it was nearly 10 years since they split up.

All in all a superb, memorable and memory invoking night.

Someone on the Stuffies website took some pictures from further back.

Stuffies Gig 081203 small.jpg
Click for bigger picture with Sharon and I ringed.
December 8, 2003 10:27 PM | Entertainment


Gary Leonard said on June 24, 2004 11:17 AM:

I was at the Ambassador gig in Dublin on the 1st of December 2003. Second time seeing the best band in the world but had an interview the next day so i missed out the accoustic session Miles and the Boys were haveing after in a pub. They were excellent and as i was queing the boys without miles came out but i didnt realise it was them till they were on stage.
God bless the whole f***ing lot of us.

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