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Monday 5 January 2004

Connor, there can be only one (thousand odd, per year)

I've known since I saw the film Highlander in 1986 (when I was just 14) that I wanted to call my first son Connor.

It's a good name. It has Celtic origins (albeit more Irish Celtic than Scots Celtic) and, I thought, was not overly common. I have an extremely common first name myself (Paul) and would spare my son that hassle. I'm constantly responding to shouts from people not really looking for me. Virtually every company I've worked for has had enough Pauls for it to be a problem.

Little did I know that over the intervening years the name Connor has risen sharply in popularity. The latest figures for the past 5 years show Connor consistently ranking between 24th and 22nd most popular name in the country. Even the alternative spelling shows up at 65 and 91 in '99 and '01 respectively.

Such is the change in naming children over the last 30 odd years that I could have given him my name and it'd still be less common these days than Connor. Paul doesn't even appear in the top 100 this year.

January 5, 2004 5:32 PM | Family


and now the fact that you named him after a sword-weilding murderous immortal with flashback problems is so totally a moot point that no one will recognize nor appreciate. ;)

no but really, i love the highlander films.

Ah! But he's a goodie sword-wielding murderous immortal with flashback problems who only fights because he has to to save mankind. So that's OK then.

Incidentally, every first son in my Dad's family is given the name John, somewhere in his name. We weren't sure that Connor John sounded ok, so we nearly called him John Connor. Only John Connor is the boy out of the Terminator movies who becomes the saviour of mankind and we thought that was a little too much pressure to be putting on him at such a young age. So Connor John it was.

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