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Monday 19 January 2004

It's happening again?

Remember the Davezilla v Toho spat last in 2002?

Mike Rowe is a 17 year old student from Canada. He does website design for a hobby, and quite good it is too from the look of his portfolio. Not surprisingly, he wanted his own website. So he registered the name www.mikerowesoft.com in August 2003. A little tongue in cheek maybe but hardly a threat to the global branding of the evil empire.

Just over 3 months later he receives an email from Microsoft telling him he is committing copyright infringement.

What? You gotta be kidding? Nope. They're really doing it.

Full credit to the kid, he asked for the costs of re branding his part time company, $10,000 but they offered just $10.

Take a wander over to his site, although since this made news headlines across the globe his server seems to be suffering a little. If it's not too slow (as it is today) join the forum there and leave a message of support.

January 19, 2004 4:01 PM | Stuff of Interest

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