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Friday 30 January 2004

Comment Flooding

I decided to work from home yesterday afternoon and it's just as well I did. When I switched on my PC I was receiving a succession of email notifications of comments posted on this site. They were all the same and all from the same IP address. There was already about 20.

I used Jay Allen's MT-Blacklist plugin to deleted the comments and ban any future ones including the same URLs. However, a quick check of my MT activity log showed that there were still more comments coming from the same IP address but being prevented by MT-Blacklist. So I banned the IP address too ( if anyone can find out who it is and what we can do about it).

I'm lucky I caught this thing in mid-flow. God knows how many comments there would have been if I hadn't. So I decided it was time to get me some better protection. And lo, there it was Movable Type v2.661 complete with comment throttling and automatic IP address banning.

So, that should sort the little bastards out for a while. If you have an MT blog and haven't installed v2.661 yet I strongly suggest you do so. You probably want to ban IP too whilst you're at it. He / she / it has been at it at other blogs too.

January 30, 2004 1:11 PM | Weblogging


That IP(possibly a proxy) that you mentioned above,, they have also hacked into stuff and deleted major stuff on InvisionFree. You think it could be the same hacker?

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