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Saturday 31 January 2004

I believe in the BBC

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The BBC is facing a double peril at the moment.

It is currently undergoing a charter review, an examination of the role that the BBC plays in the UK and world media. Many think that there are elements in the government that would happily see the Licence Fee system abandoned and the BBC becoming just another one of the many commercial media organisations.

It has also just come in for major criticism in the supposedly impartial Hutton Report, resulting in the resignation of Andrew Gilligan (which is probably fair), the Chairman of the Governors and (most critically) the Director General, Greg Dyke.

Greg Dyke has been an inspiration to a BBC that had started to flounder, unsure of its place in the world. He has picked up the mess left by the 2 previous DGs and returned the BBC to its rightful place as one of the worlds most respected media organisations.

This is a critical time for the BBC. It is important that we retain it in its current, Licence Fee funded format without too many alterations. It's crucial to our country that we have a media organisation that is not driven by the ideology of shareholder or the necessity to generate advertising revenue.

So please, show your support for the BBC. Maybe even feedback to the Charter Review.

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David Ulevitch said on June 7, 2004 11:54 AM:

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why did you place such a frivolous picture at the righ top? I thought that this blog site is dedicated to the serious themes commenting.

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