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Thursday 5 February 2004

So who represents me?

So, I still believe it was the correct decision to go to war but I believe the Government overstepped the mark in its presentation of intelligence.

I believe that Dr Kelly gave an unauthorised briefing to the BBC so the MoD was entitled name and, even, discipline him but that Tony Blair and the MoD have not been entirely fair in, or honest about, their actions toward him since.

I believe that Andrew Gilligan misquoted and exaggerated statements made by Dr Kelly but that does not exonerate tony Blair or Alistair Campbell.

I believe that mistakes were made by the BBC and Greg Dyke in the aftermath of the report but that the Hutton report was overly critical of the BBC and that this one error should not lead to major changes of the Corporation.

I think that America is our most important ally but I am suspicious of George W Bush's motives and disagree with many of his policies.

I feel there are times when national security must outweigh individual human rights but that there must be a fair balance or we become no better than our nebulous "enemy".

So who represents my views?

February 5, 2004 9:17 AM | Stuff of Interest


What a frightening disgrace we Brits participate in eliminating dictators long after they've killed off all their rivals, opponents, enemies ...etc.

Why couldn't we have done this very early on when some of these dictators (Saddam Hussein, General Pinochet, ...etc) were only just starting to masacre hundreds of thousands even millions of human beings? The huge exterminations of say the ex-Yugoslavia, or Ruanda, or Cambodia, ...etc in just the last 30 years were utterly obscene.

Or is it, perhaps more likely, that control of wealthy petrol oil fields and looking towards their own place in the history books is what matters most to our British government ministers?

What's your opinion, Aardvark?

The presence of oil in Iraq cannot be discounted. And surely there is some justification in ensuring that oil, a resource that will become ever more important as time goes on, does not lie in the hands of those who have only their own personal interests at heart.

It is also likely that we will continue to have problems as long as those who have no problems using violence are able to play our leaders of against the pacifist members of our society.

How do we defend ourselves against those who use violence if we cannot use violence ourselves?

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