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Friday 20 February 2004

Liquorice Imps

Join me on a meandering tour of the associations in my mind.

Yesterday, one of Sharon's friends from London came up for the day with her son (well, actually the night before but there was too much alcohol involved their to go into any great depth). So we decided to take the kids to The Black Country Living Museum.

The Museum has several shops recreated (actually, painstakingly rebuilt by moving the shops brick by brick from their original location) including an old confectioners. As soon as I knew that I wanted to go see if they sold Pontefract Cakes. Unfortunately they didn't but it got me reminiscing about them and Liquorice Imps.

Today during lunch I decided to do a quick search for Liquorice Imps and came across a a blog entry (scroll to 25 Sept 2003 because perm links aren't working properly) about a recent resurgence in the popularity of Liquorice for its health benefits, which I found fascinating. Interested, and in preparation for writing a Blog entry I did some research on the health benefits of Liquorice and discovered a site dedicated to Liquorice (or in US speak, Licorice) together with a page on the health benefits.

Whilst perusing this site I found an extensive list of Liquorice products, including Pontefract Cakes, which brought me back to wanting to find somewhere that sells them (and Imps, cus they rocked!)

February 20, 2004 3:18 PM | Stuff of Interest


Ooooooh pontefract cakes. And Liquorice torpedoes.

I must have visited this site about 10 times now every time I get sick of working on my PC I type 'arseburgers' into the search engine and this site comes up - what is it all about??


This site isn't *about* anything. It just is.

It's an example of what's called a "weblog", an online journal where people can publish anything they feel like.

In my case, I link to sites of interest / amusement and post occasional comments on what is happening in my life right now.

If you haven't heard of "blogging" yet, I suggest you look it up. Quite a number of people are publishing blogs these days.

Beardy Boy said on April 1, 2005 2:29 PM:

I remember the little Imps. Always bought a packed when I went into town from school.

I was actually 'reminiscing' about them today at work and actually found a site that still sells them:


The box has changed and is more up-to-date which means they must still be sold somehwere in public domian althought I haven't seen them since my school days.

Only thing is with this site its hard to decide what other sweets to buy or just buy a bulk load of Imps!

Also found this liquorice site:


Sandy said on May 23, 2005 11:59 AM:

Check your local chemist for Imps. I can get them at my chemist for 65p. I found this site while looking up health benefits for Liquorice!

Mary Liptrot said on December 7, 2005 10:15 PM:

www.sweetsforu.co.uk also sell them, plus lots of other old fashioned sweets

Frognuts said on March 25, 2007 10:17 PM:

There are lots of liquorice sweets online at a fantastic site I have found http://www.mrsomalleys.co.uk it's a real trip down memory lane!

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