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Sunday 29 February 2004

Thou shalt not eat lobster


Recently many conservative Christian groups have been campaigning against gay marriage, homosexual priests and against homosexuality in general. Many quote parts of the bible such as Leviticus 20:13 that appear to outlaw or make an abomination of gay sex or relationships.

God Hates Shrimp is a website that shows the absurdity of interpreting everything in the bible so literally.

Leviticus 11:9-12 and Deuteronomy 14:9-11 clearly suggest that the eating of shellfish is an abomination, exactly as it does gay sex. So surely, if you're going to ban homosexuality you have to outlaw shellfish too.

Update: Another parody ridiculing many of the arguements used against gay marriage by opposer is available at 12 Reasons Gay Marriage will Ruin Society

February 29, 2004 3:04 PM | Stuff of Interest


I don't like lobster or shrimps or any shell-fish.
So God won't hate me now eh?
Oh hold on, I'm pagan..
Damn I was so close too.

Ok. This is a fun theory, I laugh with it. Yet it doesn't stand up to honest critique. The 'god hates shrimp' argument is based on equating the laws of Lev 20:13 and Lev 11:9. The difference between the verses is readily apparent - one appears to be a misdemeanor, one a capital offense. There are other flaws in the argument as well, but that's enough. P.S. I like homosexuals, and I am agnostic... what I don't like is the mockery of fools. (Look at that dummy. He's building an ark on a mountain! What a fool.)

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