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Friday 12 March 2004

From Science Fiction to Fact

It's starting to look that the battle field of tomorrow may indeed look like an extract from Terminator or The Matrix, although hopefully not a battle for the survival of humanity against its AI oppressors.

DARPA is a branch of the US Military tasked with the development of new technology and 2 of there current projects have hit the news recently.

Firstly they're running a contest for teams to built an autonomous robot that can travel across the Mohave Desert to a specified point. Darpa's own site gives more details on the challenge and you can keep a real time view on how the entrants are doing.

Also in the news is a DARPA funded development of a powered exoskeleton by UC Berkeley Human Engineering Laboratory. This is only a small step away from the huge exoskeletons seen in Aliens and The Matrix.

Whilst the intended use for these technologies may be morally questionable, the progress being made is literally fantastic and there will be beneficial uses outside of the military.

March 12, 2004 1:39 PM | Stuff of Interest

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