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Saturday 27 March 2004

PHP Nightmares

I have no knowledge or experience of PHP. None. Zip. Nada.

I have however been trying to install 2 PHP utilities on this site.

The first is a shoutbox. I appear to have got it working down on the bottom right hand side of the index page (and all the rest soon when I rebuild the individual index pages). It needs formatting to suit the rest of the page but right now I'm just happy it's working after the minor battle I had. (I finally discovered the support forum and found out the original release had some errors in the coding and there was a replacement.)

The second is Textism's "Refer" script. I've done everything I think I need to but it still doesn't work. I broke the site completely about 4 times because, it would appear, my hosting doesn't allow for the use of htaccess files. Instead I've added a tiny bit of PHP to each page. However the script doesn't work.

For any one who understands PHP, could you check the refer thingy at http://www.arseburgers.co.uk/refer/ and explain why I'm getting an error message. I don't understand it and Textsim doesn't seem to have a support forum or similar support.

March 27, 2004 12:36 AM | Site


I know enough about PHP and programming to be dangerous, but nevertheless, I wouldn't mind taking a look at your code in display.php.

its not working the best for me either!

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