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Monday 29 March 2004

Site Rationalising

I think I want to tinker with the site a little more. I've got a couple of things to toy with but I'm not sure about. I'd appreciate some feedback.....

1) The archive links to the right. Do I need links to "Previous 10 Entires", a calendar with links to posts made this month and links to monthly archives? How about 2 out of the 3? Or how about links to the category archives (cus I've got category archives too). I was thinking about putting the "Previous 10 Entries" in the centre column immediately after the current entries.

2) I think the shoutbox isn't going to do much good buried down in the bottom right hand corner where it can't be seen immediately. I should move it, but I'm not sure where to.

3) I should show the category on each entry methinks.

4) I need to update my syndication feeds. I currently have RSS 0.91 and RSS 1.0, the two that came as part of the original installation. I'm going to set up an ATOM feed and a RSS 2.0 feed using Movable Type's default templates. Question is, can I or should I run RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0? If so, what are the naming conventions for the two of them?

5) I might change the monthly archives so that they only contain the short entry, or maybe even only the excerpt. This should greatly reduce their size.

6) I'm toying with the idea of editing the archive templates. When I first set up the site I made the mistake of making the archive templates exactly mirror the main page. Now, every time I make a major change to the index page template I have to do a complete rebuild of the archives. Alternatively, I could remove most of the non-entry specific info and put them in server-side includes. That way, I only have to change the include files to change the whole site. It should also make the archives much smaller.

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