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Wednesday 31 March 2004

Partly Rational

I've started on the tinkering.

First thing I did was to make the right hand column into a separate file and use a server side include to bring it into the page. BERK! The right hand column included archive lists, recent entries and the site search box. All of these use Movable Type tags that,rather obviously, won't work outside of a movable type template.

So, I changed it back. This did however prompt me to thinking about what I include in the column, especially as the column appears on individual entry archive pages.

Clearly the "Previous 10 Entries" shouldn't be there, so I've moved it to the bottom of the main column, immediately after the current entries.

The monthly archive was starting to get quite lengthy and there was no room to add a list of category archives. So I've moved the archive links to another page, together with the search box. Links to these are now at the top & bottom of the main column and the top of the right hand column.

The only MT tag in the right hand column now in the "Powered by...." link and gives the current version. I can't decide whether to keep the tag but move the link to the centre column or just to leave the tag out so that the link doesn't show the MT version number.

Once I've done one of those, I should be able to convert both outside columns to server side include files.

March 31, 2004 2:34 PM | Site


There is a way to use server side includes and MT tags, i have it done over at my place, if you want to know how to do it email me :0)


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