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Thursday 1 April 2004

Atom template for Movable Type

I wanted to create an Atom feed for this site so that aggregators can include links and pictures but I know next to nothing about the format so I needed a standard template.

I found two, one at http://www.movabletype.org/ and one at Dive into Mark. The two are slightly different.

(I have assumed the one from Dive into Mark is available for public use as Mark publishes his other templates . Mark, if I'm wrong let me know and I will take this down immediately.)

What little I know about the subject would suggest to me that Mark knows more about Atom specs but Six Apart are likely to make better use of MT Tags and make more generic, generally applicable templates. So I thought I'd combine the two.

Mark's template made use of two non-standard tags requiring installation of plug-ins. Whilst I have no objection to plug-ins, the Six Apart template replaced both of these with tags (or functions) available from MT 2.661. The Six Apart template also removed some optional elements if the information is not set in the originating blog / entry.

I paste the template as text below for public use. Do with it what you want as far as I'm concerned. Just remember, it's not my original work. I just copied and combined 2 sources so it's probably still subject to the restrictions placed upon it by Mark Pilgrim and Six Apart.

This template will only work with MT 2.661+ and is only correct for single author blogs. Multiple author blogs will need to change where the author information is included.

April 1, 2004 2:48 PM | Weblogging


Nice work, but just a couple of small issues with your Atom feed that you might want to be aware of. There is a discrepancy between your specified encoding and that of the server, and each of your entries have ending </content> tags but no starting <content> tags.

Have a look at http://feedvalidator.org and enter your atom feed url, it'll hightlight those issues for you.


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