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Tuesday 27 April 2004

Three Questions - Social Misfit

Second up with 3 questions
was Social Misfit (who has also answered three questions I asked).

1. Hairy legs or hairy armpits which is the most unattractive on a woman? - Jesus. Straight in with the tough ones huh! Erm. I would probably have to go for armpits because you normally can't see the legs whilst you're up to stuff where it might put you off. But then again, if the lights were off you wouldn't see the armpits but you'd feel the hairy legs. Argh! Erm. Legs. I'm going to go for legs. Hairy armpits I think is probably the lesser of the 2 evils.
2. What is your biggest fear? - <serious moment> You know, I don't know. I try not to think about these things. Probably Failure or Loneliness. I'm hoping never to find out.</serious moment>
3. Favourite comedian/comedienne. - Billy Connolly. Funniest man ever. I've never seen him live and I seriously hope he tours again so that I get the opportunity. Unfortunately though, I don't think his recent stuff is as funny as his early stuff. Recently I've seen Ross Noble live and whilst he might not be as good as old Billy Connolly he's easily the equal of current Billy.

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