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Friday 7 May 2004

Saw. That. Coming. A. Mile. Off.

(Warning - mini rant coming)

The whole of blogdom erupted in righteous indignation recently over the news that Michael Moore's new film was being censored by Disney who were afraid that friends of George Bush would pull the plug on tax breaks that Disney was receiving.

I'd offer up a few links as examples out it's difficult to choose from the multitude, but here's what the man himself said.

Turns out, on Mr Moore's own admission, Disney was never signed up to distribute the film at all. It looks suspiciously like the whole thing was a publicity stunt organised by the fat preaching one to publicise his film in advance of its premier at Cannes.

Now I'm not great fan of Mr Bush, his cronies or his motives. To be honest, America's whole democratic system seems set up to filter out those without huge financial interests that must cloud their judgement.

Mr Moore, however, is a self-important,morally suspect, lying, cheating, publicity whore who uses rightful public indignation at the corrupt actions of establishment figures to get rich. It is well documented that, if he can't find genuine evidence to support the claims he makes in his books and films, he manufactures it. (I can't find the link I'm looking for at the moment, but there is a page somewhere that makes a comparison of video clips and info used in Bowling for Columbine and compares it to originals to show that it is either used out of context to change its meaning or factually incorrect - I'll post it later when I find it).

Personally, if I want a crusading comedian, I'd take Mark Thomas any day. Even if his politics do not mirror my own (and they quite often don't) his methods and integrity are (to the best of my knowledge) far superior.

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