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Tuesday 18 May 2004

I remember your face....

I have the world's worst memory for names and faces. I can forget someone's name before I've finished talking to them. What I need is an automated system that photographs everyone I ever speak to and records their name.

The ECSGlasses created by Queens University in Canada are half way there. The camera to a pair of (pretty crappy looking) glasses and record when it senses that the wearer is making eye contact with the subject. Add a microphone to record what's being said and you have a contemporaneous record of every conversation you ever have.

All you have to do then is build in face recognition so that next time you meet the person it recalls the last conversation you had with them and bingo.... memory problems solved.

Now they just need to shrink the technology into a decent pair of glasses.

Of course, if you tweak the software to record eye-nipple or eye-arse contact and you've got every perverts dream. A complete record of every voyeuristic thrill they've ever had. Anyone fancy going halves on a video marketing drive with me?

May 18, 2004 2:03 PM | Stuff of Interest

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