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Thursday 15 July 2004

Bush v Kerry Batman v Spider-Man

Just how far can you push an analogy. Surprisingly far it would appear from Pab Sungenis'The Politics of Superheroes a comparison of the 2 US presidential candidates to everyone's favourite superheroes, Batman and Spider-Man.

Two generations, two heroes, two different styles of getting the job done, two philosophies that couldn't be more different. Nothing could be a more apt description of this year's Presidential race. We don't only have Kerry vs. Bush, we have Spider-Man vs. Batman.

I think the point at which the analogy breaks down is public trust.

In Batman's world he has the public's trust. He's adored by the people he claims to be protecting and even encouraged to carry out his self-appointed mission (the chief of police has the Bat Signal to call him out).

In Spider-Man's world he's the subject of much public suspicion. Manipulated by a media giant many people question Spider-Man's motives.

Personally, I'd vote for Wonder Woman.

July 15, 2004 10:27 AM | Stuff of Interest


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Very good point on Batman having the public trust, which is something that is slowly eluding Bush. However, when he was at the top of his game, I would definitely say that the analogy was apt. Today, perhaps not so much.

I'm surprised at the amount of "coverage" I've been getting for what was essentially a humorous piece. Thank you for the plug.

Anonymous said on July 18, 2004 8:46 PM:

Holy Shiite! Batman.
New Bumper Sticker
Depicts Kerry and Edwards as the Dynamic Duo!


Can I vote for Proinsias Cassidy as a superhero president? or does he not count?? Actually maybe Starr would be better at getting things done...

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