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Wednesday 15 September 2004

UK Parliament to decide on hunting ban

The UK Parliament is to vote today on a law that would ban hunting with hounds; in my opinion a rather barbaric sport carried out in many parts of the country.

Many people oppose the hunting ban and, as you would expect, they were out in force in London today. Although I don't agree with her message, you have to hand it to any one who can convey it like this.

As with many things, on the subject of animal rights I'm a practical realist. I believe we should outlaw anything that involves cruelty to animals that can't be absolutely justified and / or carried out in other ways.

Hunting is done for sport. Period. If fox numbers need to be culled then there are far more humane ways of doing it. Therefore it should be outlawed.

Animal experimentation for commercial gain (cosmetics etc.) should be outlawed.

Animal experimentation for medical purposes, where there is no possible alternative way to achieve the required results, should be allowed. It should be tightly monitored and restricted only to life-saving or major quality of life improving research (i.e. curing cancer but not curing the common cold).

Animals reared for food should be done so with the best quality of life possible but I'm no vegetarian. No battery hens but barn hens are OK. Free range are better.

September 15, 2004 5:33 PM | Stuff of Interest


I didn't think they still did that. That's intersting. At least give the foxes an even match if it's for sport. Let the hunters run around trying to find them without relying on the dogs' senses.

Sod that. Give the foxes hand guns. Then watch the bastards try and hunt them. Now THAT would be a sport.

This entry brought to you courtesy of 3 pints of Stella down the pub.

Thank you and goodnight.

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