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Tuesday 21 September 2004

I need help in my search for the truth

Apparently I'm on a search for the truth.

Jesus founded the Catholic Church; all other churches are but a lie. Protestants have the seed of truth, but it was planted by men and fell on the rocks where it has no root. Catholicism's seed was planted by God Himself, and in good soil, where it bears fruit through perseverance (Lk 8, 11-15). Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance in your search for the truth; He won't let you down!

Personally I thought I was on a search for a pair of MP3 playing sunglasses. But maybe they are the truth. Holy Crap! That's it. The Oakley Thump sun glasses are the nadir of Gods purpose. Every moment of creation has been leading to this point. God's grand design wasn't about good and evil. He just wanted a decent pair of MP3 playing sunglasses to swan around heaven in.

That's it! I have seen the light! I have been enlightened. I have acheived ecstacy and rapture. I shall be taken into the kingdom of heaven. This will probably be my last post. I suggest you do the same.

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