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Wednesday 22 September 2004

No Rapture then!

Well, I didn't ascend to Heaven in any Rapture. I did however indulge in a little bit of return-preaching.

Terry Pratchett created the Discworld; Harry Potter is but a lie. JK Rowling had a seed of a story, but it was plagiarised by her and stretched to its extremes. Rincewind's story was created by Pratchett Himself, and with good wit and humour, and it bears stories through perseverance (the Colour of Magic). Buy it from Amazon.com for help in your search for sanity; it's nearer to reality than your unwanted preaching!

Take a quick look through the contents of his "guestbook". The comments are hilarious. It seems to have descended into a slanging match between an over-obsessive religious zealot with a thin grasp on reality and a poorly practised troll intent on upsetting him by calling upon Satan. There's a preaching atheist in there acting as commentator / referee too.

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