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Wednesday 22 September 2004

Yet another hospital trip

When I started this blog it was a mixture of personal items (a diary if you like), interesting links, moans about and request for help with web projects and semi-intelligent rants.

These days it's lost the personal items and most of the rants. Recently I've failed to blog about even the most important occurrences in my life.

Last Thursday James was taken in to hospital with breathing difficulties. He'd been coughing overnight and didn't want to go to school in the morning. I'd put it down to an attempt to blag a day off and gone of to work. Then Sharon phoned at about 10:30 to say the doctor had seen him and suggested she take him straight to hospital.

I took the rest of the day off work (it's good to have an understanding employer) and went to join them. James was kept in over night and I stayed with him. That has to have been one of the worst night's sleep I've had in a long time.

They still haven't explained why he was having difficulties. An X-ray showed nothing. They put him on a nebuliser and have given us an inhaler that he has to take 4 times a day. We don't know yet whether this is a one off or an indication that he might have asthma.

September 22, 2004 4:03 PM | Family


I hope he's felling better.

I hope he's OK. Was it asthma? I heard that doctors just perscribe inhalers in case as they do not harm someone who doesnot have asthma.

Apparently it was an "asthmatic episode". It could be asthma and it might not. Kids can have these attacks for no apparent reason.

Doctors won't diagnose asthma until after 3 such attacks.

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