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Thursday 30 September 2004

Pointless Comment Spam

Over the last week I've received about 6 or 7 spam comments from the same person. Now 6 or 7 comments isn't enough of a hassle to moan about, I regularly get up to 100 per attack and that's just the ones that get through the Blacklist Filter.

No. The reason I mention these is because I don't understand them. They have no reason. They achieve no purpose.

The text always reads as follows:


I've been looking around and came across your site by accident. The information you link to from your home page is quite informative so thanks for taking the time to post it.

It's always followed with a link that matches the name and URL given for the comment. The URL given is always http://www.anonymous-blogger.com and the link text / name has been given as both books and diet pills. The IP address has differed for every post leading me to think it's been spoofed.

So far it all seem pretty standard doesn't it? With the possible exception of the 2 different link texts. The unusual part is that the URL given doesn't link to an existing site. Try it. Copy & paste the address into your address bar (I refuse to link it from here). I've got a "The page cannot be displayed" every time.

So where's the point? What's the spam achieving? And who the f*** would bother?

I'm tempted to leave the comments up until I can understand what they're about.

September 30, 2004 3:08 PM | Weblogging


I like it!

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