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Thursday 30 September 2004

More Spamming B*st*rds

Some time ago I tried to set up Refer from Textism on this site to monitor referrers (I'm either too vain or too needy just like most of the blogging population, you decide). It didn't work, I couldn't get the PHP script on each page to run. Ho-hum, no loss.

I never quite got round to deleting it. It appears that over the last few months it has continued to monitor the referrers to itself. Not the rest of the site, just those pages directing hits to the output pages of the Refer program itself.

In the last 30 days it would appear that there has been nearly 2000 hits on that script. And they've all come from locations such as "xxx-beastiality.com" [sic], "gay--sex.org" and "incest--stories.org". I'm not about to visit any of these sites but I doubt very much whether a link to my Refer script features anywhere within their home pages.

It amazes me that these people feel they can gain anything from this at all. Surely it's just a huge waste of time and resources. It's not about to encourage me to visit their depraved sites. No one else is likely to read my Refer logs (even if they were public) and the log pages generated have such low PR rankings with Google that they're not going to improve the offending site's Google ranking.

Needless to say, I'm just about to delete the entire Refer script from my server.

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