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Sunday 3 October 2004

Barry Diston's live PA

My very good friend Barry Diston, owner and creative force behind Fidget Records and Fidget Studios and international DJ had his first live performance last weekend.

It was at CyberKitten in Milton Keynes where he is a resident DJ so the crowd were alreadya friendly one, but it appears his performance was exceedingly well met.

Comments have been left on the discussion forum of HarderFaster.net.

Some of the comments include:

And then we had Barry Diston.
Yes, that's right, the bloke who runs the Fidget Studios.
Barry decided to bring half his studio into the club and play an hour's worth of blinding tunes live. Yep, no decks, no CDJs, just his laptop and about four keyboards. And loads of other bits and pieces with flashing lights on. (hmmmm... flashing lights)
And that's the first time he's ever done it. Ever. So it's a world exclusive for the happy peeps at cyberkitten. Next time he does this he'll be alongside Mauro Picotto and Lisa Lashes. So look out for him.
- Tim Anyway

Next up, Mr Barry Diston and his new Live PA (World Premier)... this was deffinatly something i won't forget in a hurry. Tearing synths, a hurricane of beats and basses and an energy that carried right through to the dancefloor.... Juno's an Virus's an Nords aplenty -
- Brad Duke

Mister Diston's PA Closing with that Roll On One crossed with Nobody Listens To Techno rehash... amazing! Had everyone in the place stomping like absolute loons! - Syfoon

Amazing sets all round, every DJ in both rooms totally rocked it, but my god, how good was Barry Diston? I soundchecked him in the afternoon and so had a sneaky preview, but that couldn't prepare me for the real thing - completely out of this world. I for one will be making the journey to Cardiff to see his next live PA!!!!!
All I can say in addition to everybody's comments about Barry's PA is "K90, Chemicals and Picotto - watch out!!!" This man is on a roll, without a shadow of doubt the most involved and "real" live PA I have ever seen, truly incredible. I knew it was gonna go off when he dropped that oh so cheeky intro but I could never have been prepared for the barrage of hard fast bass driven NRG that followed. For me, the highlight of the live set was when Barry did a new, live version of "Raise The Roof" - a tune close to all our hearts as it was produced with our very own Stevie G. Absolutely amazing. - Ajay

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