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Thursday 14 October 2004

I really don't care what you think

It appears I have about the same interest in American Politics as I do in football.

One of the primary reasons I can't stand football (soccer) is the preponderance of armchair managers, the multitudes of people who think they know what the managers should have done. It's not simply idle comment about the differing options given by true fans that pisses me off. No, it's the absolute conviction of a bloke who's probably not even kicked a football in 20 years that he knows better than his teams manager what should be done.

I'm sorry, but you don't. You know precisely f*ck all. you have absolutely no idea of the conflicting pressures on the coach and manager that resulted in the decisions they took.

And so it appears to be with American politics, especially this election season with the advent of blogging, publishing for all. It seems the whole world has become a political pundit.

Now, I have no objection to the political interests of the average voter. I'm happy to read the "I'll vote XXXXX because his XXXXXX policy is good for these reasons". I cannot stand however the overly opinionated jumped up political bloggers that seem to pollute the blogosphere at the moment.

Everyone of them seems to have opinions so entrenched that they cannot entertain opposing views and seem frequently to get into slanging matches with anyone who questions them. I've not yet come across a truly impartial commentator.

I'm afraid that after the third of fourth site I visited today I became totally and thoroughly bored with the whole thing.

October 14, 2004 2:26 PM | Weblogging


I tend to stay away from political commentary. It tends to inflame and incite. I keep them to myself unless I feel very strongly on a subject matter. Then it's only on that subject. Besides, there are too many of those commentaries than I care to read.

Oh, and I do armchair manage football matches, especially the US Womens team. And...I've never played. *hangs head in shame* ;)

I know how you feel. I regularly surf the blogsphere looking for debate and bi-partisan websites. I usually get angry, right-wingers who call me a socialist and refuse to even entertain the idea of getting into a friendly debate, or pussy liberals who complain, complain, complain. I am a registered independent, and I try to keep my site as bi-partisan as possible (But let's face it, Bush is just easier to pick on), and even to a person like myself who has no real interest in blogging about politics, I notice that I end up doing so anyway. Anyhow, I found you through Blog Explosion, and I've marked you, good stuff here. Take Care!

boredwithpolitics said on October 14, 2004 9:07 PM:

What is it with the Americans and politics, I have seen so many political blogs, and the vast majority of them seem to just ridicule the opposition.

Ridiculing what you dont believe is the right party, is a low tactic, and if I was American I would probably vote for the party that had the least amount of people ridiculing the opposition.

Why cant they just post facts, and debate the matter sensibly?

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