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Tuesday 9 November 2004

Tara Reid's Slip

tara-reid-boob.jpgI wasn't going to post anything about Tara Reid's little mishap the other night because it's been done by bigger and better blogs than mine.

Tara Reid, film star and full time celebrity party goer, fell pray to that accident formerly dreaded by starlets but now part of the armoury of headline grabbing activities for attention seeking career wannabees - the nipple slip. In this case, however, whilst poseing for photographs at P Diddy's 35th birthday party, Tara Reid managed to up the stakes for anyone looking to make the headlines. This was not a nipple slip, this was a full on "wap the enhanced breast out" in front of a throng of excited camera men.

Needless to say, there are a large number of the resultant pictures on the net, many even in hi-res and, to top it off, a video.

But that's not all, those sharp-eyed bods at Awful Plastic Surgery were quick to point out the painfully obvious scarring around her nipple from a bad boob job.

All in all, in blog-land this incident caused almost as much of a stir as the famous Janet Jackson wadrobe malfunction.

Pictures via Double Viking.

November 9, 2004 1:31 PM | Boobs


Oh please! A boob is a boob is a boob. No biggie! (rolls eyes at all men)

What Angie is really tring to say is; "I myself have no tits, and am really jealous of anyone that has them, i want people to look at mine but i dont even have enough to fill an a-cup, i will have to wear a training bra the rest of my life. My nipples are horriffic and look worse than Tara's".

Now, now. Lets all play nicely. I don't want to have to delete comments and suspend commenting on this entry.

briansworld said on November 11, 2004 9:26 AM:

Whats all the fuss??? Ithought it looked real nice. she should show more.

That is the ugliest boob that I have ever seen.

Tara's Right Boob said on November 12, 2004 10:05 PM:

It's not fair! I didn't get to show my stuff! My famous twin doesn't even have a circular areolae! Mine is perfect! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!

Horney Teen said on November 13, 2004 9:30 PM:

GOD that is hot. I've wanted to see her boobs since Van Wilder came out !

thats ugliest pretty boob i have ever seen

just curious how ugly her other pretty boob is?

i have seeen far worse boobs than hers i would love to the chance to grab a hold of those boobs any time you go girl let them slip out more often preferably both at the same time yum yum you go tara

Limitless said on November 14, 2004 11:04 AM:

It looks o.k., worth tongue toweling anyday!

Wow. I had always thought she was so hot. I finally saw the pictures of her "boob" if it can be claimed as one, and no longer have any HARD feelings for her, at all....nasty big oval bumpy nipples. Wow.

Thaaaaaat;s where she got the silicone inserted through!!!!

The nip!


All I have to say is: Tara, what were you thinking? Why couldn't the dr's put them through the side. It would look alot better. But they are still beautiful.

The same guy said on December 29, 2004 6:16 AM:

But I still liked her in Van Wilder. Just one question: Was she drunk and/or high when this incident happened? I seen a video over the 'Net and it looked like she was.

Teri said on January 1, 2005 6:21 PM:

I just don't understand why she didn't go to a better doctor. He can't even sew in a circle?
If you want to see her topless pre-augmentation, rent "Body Shots". She had a topless sex scene in that movie with Jerry O'Connell.

Johnny N. said on January 3, 2005 1:22 AM:

Yeah, her breasts look way better in Body Shots.

Tara R. said on January 29, 2005 4:33 AM:

I think my boobs are nice. Stop making fun of me!!!

Hornivore said on February 4, 2005 2:24 AM:

Her boobs look like a zip-lock bag carrying a herd of cattle.

Normal Responce said on May 15, 2005 3:55 AM:

Yall need to give this woman a break..if it was your sister, wife, mom, etc???

If that was in front of me, Id for sure enjoy it, but just remember, sister, mom, etc, stand back. I like that piece of five pound fat, but let her be man.

Saw this site with all nipslips.

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